Origin of the project

The creation of the Fisart project, driven by Jean-Pierre Leray from La Maison de l’Accordéon, has been motivated by the requirement of  the democratization of the quality of accordions, with the will to offer a range of instruments which can support the musicians from their early childhood till the professional scene. Indeed the manufacture of the study instruments available on the market are below our demand, the manufacturers preferring to concentrate their efforts on a few prestige models.

The association of two human-sized compagnies — Fisart and La Maison de l’Accordéon — allowed the creation of a range of instruments from the study to the concert, by the direct dialogue and a capacity of experimentation and adaptation specific to handcraft. Jean-Pierre Leray and Giancarlo Vignoni seeked the close relationship with two accordionists-teachers of talent and experience: Bruno Le Leuch and Jean Appéré. Our range now evolves based on the advices of a vast network of teachers and accordionists of the international scene and those of — and this is our biggest achievement — young talented accordionists whom we had the opportunity to follow during their studies and who henceforth start a fully promising professional career.

Our range of instruments

Our range, initially formed of six free bass instruments with converter and of an international model with standard bass, is now composed of twenty-six models: nine free bass instruments with converter for classical and contemporary music; twelve for jazz and world music and five for variety music.

After more than ten years of collaboration, we keep enhancing our range with new ideas (bass voices mounted on plates, mattress rectified for a better homogeneity of sound, right hand keyboard mounted on three axis for a better opening of valves…). Our quality requirement is also concerned by the selection of the best materials (voices, mother-of-pearl buttons, varnished paint on celluloid…) and by the possible producing processes (soft and precise mechanics mounted by the best craftsmen of Castelfidardo, thorough mounting and tuning in our ateliers…). We work in the respect of instrument manufacturing of the big days of the accordion (1950’s) which industrial factories have often neglected in the benefit of profitability.