Since 2003, Fisart and La Maison de l’Accordéon work closely, and in a complementary manner, to elaborate instruments of an irreproachable quality. Giancarlo Vignoni, Jean-Pierre Leray and their teams are therefore striving to be attentive to muscians who make these instruments live, be them amateurs or professionals.

Fisart, a crafts factory in the heart of Casterlfidardo in Italy, the world capital of accordion, benefits from a know-how which is transmitted through generations since 1945. Giancarlo Vignoni puts great care in selecting the best materials. He is constantly looking for new processes to improve the quality of the instruments and adapting them to contemporary practices but always in the fulfilment of craftsmanship.

For accordions to fully express their potential, La Maison de l’Accordéon mounts, in its atelier in Rennes, the voices in all the models which have a resonance box.whether they are of international type with standard bass or with free-bass with converter, or of Bayan type with free-bass with converter or with piano keys. In these instruments, the voices are polished. The quality of these voices (the “music”) varies from tipo a mano to professional double-rivet a mano voices, or a mano voices. This work relies on more than thirty years of experience, transmitted to a team of passionate and demanding tuner-repairers.

The way through the tuning key of these voice sets is made in Italy. This process consists of putting all reeds to the chosen diapason before mounting them into the case of the accordion. Our work hence starts by the setting of the blades (reeds) for the attack. After that, we wedge them in the top of the cross-beam areas for a better homogeneity of sound. Then comes the choice, the gluing and the work on the music leathers which is absolutely essential for the good holding of the the tuning through time. Then eventually we mount the voices on the cross-beams with wax; a task demanding a good practice and always a lot of care… Thus a lot of steps before actually performing the final tuning of your future accordion in its own case. The only valuable technique to us since the “music” (set of voices) plays right in the context it’s going to be used in. This long and precise work asks for rigour, a lot of taste and passion. After all this, we are making all the mechanical settings: keyboard pressure, chin registers, sealing…

All the other instruments for initiation (Découverte, Imagine, Sandra), come directly mounted and tuned from Fisart. We nonetheless make all the necessary controls, on the mechanical level and on the musical one.